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Booking- Infos

An evening of superlatives! The most complete and detalied show we can offer. Presenting a lively and evening-filling journey through the legacy of Queen – The biggest rock-band of all times!


Especially fort his show a unique sound and lightning concept was put together.
Only for this event costumes, instruments, and effects were created and reproduced in order to achieve the most authentic impression possible.

„God save the Queen“ is a concert-show – not a musical , thus not to be compared to „We will rock you“ which is based on a fiction story with actors and many different male and female singers.

„God save the Queen“ is focussed on the music and visual appearance of Queen, Freddie Mercury and his/their extravagant and outstanding performance.

Playing not only the biggest hits, but also other ingenious compositions such as „Innuendo“ , „Save me“ or „Love of my life“ in the well known acoustic-guitar version a permanent party-feeling would be unappropiate.

Thats why this show is mainly accomplished in bigger halls with seats as it deserves a fastidious and listening audience.

...there is no better way to celebrate a“tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen“ !

 „God save the Queen“ has been performed in 2005 and 2006 under the working-title „Queen4ever show“ – not to be mistaken with another Queen-show with a very similar name, from which we highly dissosiate for very good reasons ;-)
Since August 2006 also known as QUEEN REVIVAL SHOW

„God save the Queen“ can be booked including PA & lightning, press information and poster/artwork for promotion.


Stage requirements  
Plakat (2MB)
Pressefoto (800KB)
Supply of technical equipment by organizer:
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Q - Revival Band:



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Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!