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QUEEN is one of the most successful and important Bands of Rock history. Worldwide the last Queen album "Made in Heaven”, alone has won 5 times gold, 10 times platinum, 4 times double platinum (including Germany and the Netherlands) and 6 times platinum in some other countries.
After the tragic death of singer Freddie Mercury five professional musicans from the Düsseldorf area made a point of carrying on the phantastic atmosphere of the legendary Queen concerts.

The Queen Revival Band, whose members look back on a vast musical experience, already succeeded in their first night in 1993. On May 14 year 2003, exactly ten years after their first performance, the No 1 of Queen Tribute Bands celebrated its anniversary on stage in Frankfurt and the show finished with standing ovations.

In a spectacular live show, which is dedicated to the phenomenon of Queen and Freddie Mercury, the Q - Revival Band takes you back to the 70ies and 80ies and turns the audience into a huge choir, singing all those unforgotten masterpieces like "we are the champions”, "bohemian Rhapsody”,”radio Gaga”..etc

Unlike other attempts that try to transform Queens legacy into a musical, the Q - Revival Band celebrates a real rockshow.

With a stage setting just like the original, the typical Queen-Outfit (especially the unbelievable close looks of Harry and Stefan aka Freddie and Brian) and "Freddies” interaction with the audience the Q - Revival Band stands out in music and show.


Due to a huge public demand, this 12 million Euro musical was performed at the Musical Dome in Cologne from Dezember 2004 through September 2008. “WE WILL ROCK YOU” has been the most successful musical in Cologne so far, and it will be continued in Stuttgart starting in November 2008. The reason for relocating the musical to Stuttgart is subject to insights in Cologne´s politics, and not a declining reception of the show. Currently the musical is also performed in Sydney, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Madrid, Zurich and Moscow with more places to come.

In contrast to the musical, the Q - REVIVAL BAND celebrates a QUEEN LIVE SHOW that presents a touring rock concert.